Testimonial from Dr Melanie Newton

Female, a baby in car seat and an engine problem I couldn’t easily explain – I think you need to be a woman to understand my trepidation the first time I turned up at Smithy Garage.

However, all concerns were soon forgotten as Dawn took over baby duties while Allan patiently listened to a less-than-technical explanation of my car troubles. No sooner had I finished the coffee Dawn had kindly made, in between taking phone calls and entertaining a wriggling baby being changed, Allan was back with a diagnosis and an estimate for repair.

Since that first great experience, I have not been to another garage. Whether popping in for an MOT, servicing or the occasional repair, a friendly welcome always awaits and the bills are very reasonable too!

Smithy Garage was recommended to me by a friend. After 8 years of being a customer, I too now happily recommend their services to others.

Dr Melanie Newton