Timing / Cam Belt Service

Has your car had its’ timing / cam belt serviced correctly at the manufacturers recommended interval? Do you know the recommended service interval for your timing / cam belt?

As specialists in car servicing and repair, Smithy Garage are fully equipped to expertly meet your timing / cam belt servicing needs. Should your timing / cam belt fail, we’re happy to give you friendly advice and effect all the repairs necessary.

Replace Before It Breaks

As with all mechanical parts under stress, timing / cam belts have a limited life span. To avoid potential damage to your engine if a belt breaks or becomes detached, manufacturers recommend periodic replacement, usually based upon mileage.

Friendly Expert Advice

Depending on the make and model of your car, servicing a timing / cam belt can be a complex procedure. Thankfully, belt replacement is an infrequent servicing requirement. However, given the work involved in changing a belt, when you come to us for a timing / cam belt service, we’ll also discuss with you any related components that are best practice to renew at the same time.

Further Information On Timing / Cam Belt Servicing

For further information see our Frequently Asked Questions below or simply call us for advice and book your timing / cam belt change on 01538 304 306.

Frequently Asked Questions On Timing / Cam Belt Service

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