Car Servicing / Vehicle Servicing

Need your car serviced but don’t want to trek miles to a main dealer? Looking for a car service that validates your manufacturer warranty, in Leek or the Staffordshire Moorlands?

Servicing all makes and models to manufacturer schedules, Smithy Garage gives you the quality alternative to dealership inflated prices. With the added bonus of being right on your doorstep.

Quality Servicing

For us, quality and customer care are equally important as giving that stamp in your service log. So, you’ll find our service checks are more comprehensive than those performed at main dealers. The benefits to you are many-fold and include:

  • A better view of your car’s overall condition
  • Better notice of remedial work that will need to be addressed
  • Reduced risk of catastrophic failures or breakdowns
  • Reduced risk of unforeseen repair bills

Keeping You Informed

Interim, full or major service, we’ll keep you informed at all times and won’t replace anything unexpected without talking to you first.

Following your car service, we’ll let you know our findings and are happy to discuss any recommended actions or repairs. We’ll also keep your replaced service parts for inspection – just let us know beforehand.

Further Information On Car Servicing

For further information see our Frequently Asked Questions below or simply call us for advice and book your car service on 01538 304 306.

Frequently Asked Questions On Servicing

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