Misfuel / Fuel Drain Service

New car or using your spouses and put in the wrong fuel?

Don’t make matters worse and risk any further damage to your engine. Let Smithy Garage put it right. Ssshh, it’ll be our little secret!

The efficiency and reliability of todays engines come at a certain price – that of increased sensitivity to incorrect lubricants and polluted fuel. Little surprise then, that manufacturers are quite explicit in the steps needed to be taken in the event of a misfuel. Threatening warranty invalidation if these are not followed.

Sorting Your Misfuel Properly

Although a number of popular breakdown services offer to deal with misfuels at the roadside (for an additional fee, of course), this may only be a partial solution if, and only if, your engine has not been started after misfuelling.

What To Do If You Misfuel

The best solution to a misfuel? Stop! Do not drive (any further). Get your car relayed to us, calling us on the way. We’ll discuss the details specific to your misfuel and advise you of any components that may need attention, together with estimated costs.

Once we’ve made a full inspection, we’ll provide you with more details. On your approval, we’ll then effect all servicing necessary to resolve your misfuel, while maintaining any manufacturers warranty.

Further Information On Misfuels

For further information see our Frequently Asked Questions below or simply call us for advice and book your misfuel service on 01538 304 306.

Frequently Asked Questions On Misfuel / Fuel Drain Service

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