Squealing or other noises when you brake? Brake warning light intermittently or always on?

We’ve extensive experience of the braking systems on all makes and models of car, light commercial and 4 x 4. Smithy Garage will inspect, service and replace any worn out components to ensure your brakes perform when you need them most.

Keeping You Safe

At Smithy Garage we take your braking system very seriously. That’s why when we perform a full service, we strip down, clean and inspect all your brakes, rather than just make the visual checks manufacturers note in their service schedules.

If you’ve not had your car serviced by us, experiencing noises on braking or have any concerns about your brakes, don’t take the risk, get your brakes checked by us.

Further Information On Brakes

For further information see our Frequently Asked Questions below or simply call us for advice and book your brake check on 01538 304 306.

Frequently Asked Questions On Brakes

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