Are You Sure My Manufacturer Warranty Is Still Valid If You And Not A Main Dealer Service My Car?

The Short, Definitive Answer

We’re absolutely positive your manufacturers’ warranty is protected when your car is serviced at Smithy Garage!

The only exception is for some leasehold contracts. If you have a leasehold car, it’s worth checking your agreement or verifying with the leasing company.

The Longer Explanation

Changes made to European law in 2002, effective from 2003, prohibited car makers from restricting servicing and maintenance to their own dealership networks within the manufacturer warranty period.

The European Commission responsible stated that including such restrictions within warranties constituted:

… an unjustified restriction for the consumer.

Therefore, so long as a service is performed in accordance with the manufacturers servicing schedules and the parts used are of appropriate quality, independent garages are free to service and repair vehicles during their warranty period.

To take advantage of the huge savings you can make on main dealer servicing, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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