How Much Will My Car Service Cost?

Find it annoying when those great car servicing deals always seem to have that tell-tale from attached? See red when you add up the additional costs to service your car, only to find a Main Dealer price looking back at you? And why do Main Dealers charge so much for servicing anyway?

You’re in good company, these tricks-of-the-trade really get our goat too!

That’s why we much prefer giving you a quote when we know a little more about your car – you get a fairer, more accurate estimate, without the worry of hidden costs. After all, you wouldn’t expect a Ford Focus Annual Service to be the same as that for a Bentley Continental – just think of the price difference in serviceable parts.

Straight Forward, Honest Pricing at Smithy Garage

Unlike many dealerships and large garage chains, our technicians are not paid bonuses on the number of cars they service per day/week, nor are they paid commission on the parts they replace in your car. Keeping you informed at all stages, our billing is fully itemised, so no nasty shocks when your car is ready.

Getting Your No Obligation Quote Is Easy

Contact us with your car’s details. We’ll confirm servicing requirements and parts prices as necessary, then give you a highly competitive quote. It’s that easy!

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