What Do You Mean By Your Car Service Checks Are More Comprehensive?

A number of recommended service checks, detailed in car manufacturers’ service schedules, rely on simple visual inspections.

Your Safety Is Our Priority

We don’t rely on cursory visual checks for critical components like brakes, for example.

Typically, a manufacturer service procedure only requires brake pads to be visually checked. At Smithy Garage we go much further. We strip down the brake assembly (pads included), clean fully, inspect all components for wear and correct function, lubricate and replace, making adjustments as necessary.

Time and again, this more comprehensive procedure has highlighted a deficiency and allowed us to correct the problem before it’s seriously affected our customers.

Servicing Tuned To Your Car

Understandably, manufacturer standard service schedules are just that – designed for a typical car of that model, doing typical mileage in typical conditions.

Our approach is different. Starting with the manufacturers service list for your car, we perform additional checks and adjustments based upon:

  1. Our accumulated experience of your make and model
  2. Known possible problems that have become apparent over time
  3. Your particular cars’ age, condition, mileage and, when available, past service/repair details
  4. Any observations/concerns you tell us about

Of course, should any remedial work or parts replacement become evident, we’ll always contact you to discuss our recommendations first.

Premium Servicing, Value Price

Surely such comprehensive servicing has a significant cost attached? You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that our servicing costs are considerably less than at a Main Dealer or large chain. We’re also highly competitive in comparison to other independent garages.

For further information on our comprehensive servicing or to get a car service quote, contact us – you’ll be glad you did!

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