Do You Use The Same Parts As Main Dealers When Servicing My Car?

We only use reputable manufacturers parts from reputable suppliers, equivalent or of higher quality to those originally fitted to your vehicle. Thus your warranty is always protected when your car is serviced by us.

The Win-Win of Independence

Being a true independent garage, i.e. not affiliated to a particular parts manufacturer or network of garages, allows us to source parts at the most competitive prices. Passing these savings on to you, we can offer more cost effective car servicing rates than the competition, while you benefit from smaller service bills. A great win-win situation!

You Have The Final Say

Should you prefer us to fit Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts, just let us know when you book your car in for a service. Sometimes there’s no alternative but to source certain parts directly from the dealership. Given that car manufacturer parts usually cost significantly more than their equivalents from other sources (when available), we’ll always let you know should this be the case.

For further information, advice or to book your service, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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