What Happens If I Put Petrol In A Diesel Engine?

Apart from a fuel, diesel also acts as a lubricant in diesel engines. Unfortunately, petrol is a solvent and will strip lubricant from all components as it passes from your fuel tank, through the fuel pump and into your engine.

Components Impacted

The first component impacted is the fuel pump. Without lubrication, metal will grind on metal, resulting in metal stripping and, ultimately, seizure.

If allowed to pass into the engine, the metal particles carried in the fuel will go on to further damage engine components. In severe cases, this will require the whole engine to be replaced!

Avoiding Further Damage

Given the potentially destructive effects of putting petrol in a diesel engine, it’s important that you don’t switch on the ignition or try to start your vehicle. Switch off your engine as soon as you realise the error.

Get your car relayed to us, when we can take all the details of the misfuel and give you a thorough assessment on what will need to be done to remedy the situation.

Let us know you’re on the way by calling 01538 304 306 and giving us details on your make, model and year.

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