What Happens If I Put Diesel In A Petrol Engine?

Putting diesel in a petrol engine is not a common problem as a standard forecourt diesel nozzle is too large for the filler neck on modern petrol vehicles. However, depending on the amount of diesel allowed to flow into the system, the arising problems will vary.

Diesel doesn’t burn in a petrol engine. Therefore, trace levels will pass through the engine and result in white smoke billowing from your exhaust. Depending on the contamination level, your engine will stop running and fail to start.

Diesel is oily and heavier than petrol, so clogging of system components is the primary issue. Typical components include the fuel filter, requiring replacement and injectors, that will need a thorough clean.

To minimise servicing costs, it’s always best to relay your misfuelled car to us as soon as you realise the error.

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