What Are The Symptoms Of Problem Brakes?

Common symptoms of problem brakes include:

  • A grinding noise on braking. This suggests brake pad wear down to, or past, their minimum safe thickness
  • A squealing sound when applying brakes. Possibly as above, or perhaps dust/dirt/grit in your brake calipers
  • Vehicle pulling to one side when braking. This could be due to brake calipers not releasing correctly. Thus, pads are pulling on the brake disc
  • Excess travel on the brake pedal. Possibly due to low brake fluid and/or air in the hydraulic system arising from a leak
  • Juddering when braking. Possibly an ABS system working correctly when braking very hard. Alternatively, if there’s judder on normal braking, this may indicate warped or cracked brake discs

Don’t take risks with your brakes – they’re a critical system! If your car is experiencing any of the above symptoms, call us now on 01538 304 306 and let us put them right.

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